Hello World!

My name is Rick Sardinha. I am an artist living in Rhode Island and I am going to be utilizing this blog somewhat as a brain dump as I explore various art forms and creative urges. These can range from oil paint to catapult building to designing burlesque and belly dancing costumes and whatever else I can get my mitts on.

So what to expect: Lunacy. Puppets in control. Demented puppets in control of the controlling puppets. Art. Art. Art. The creative process in regards to multiple disciplines that I am trying to get a handle on.  Topics will range widely as I get excited about black powder weapons, catapults, stop motion, archery and projects I am working on. My current lust fad is for steam launches. Do not expect too well of a structured thought continuum over a couple of paragraphs. Do expect tangents and a degree of weirdness. I am an artist not a writer.

What you won’t get is religion, politics or which bimbo forgot her underwear today. Let’s leave that fascinating part of the world behind. Now go and kill your television and recapture your life!