O Ya, I Know What I Am Doing

Today’s daily turned into a lunatic race. Yesterday, I saw a bottle of tea resting on a windowsill facing west in the late afternoon. Great lighting and a terrific hotspot as the light was refracted through the plastic with the liquid leaving a burnout area. That was going to be my study for the next day.

So the next day, I get all setup with a transportable french easel when I realized I had just set myself up to paint a back lit scene in a darkened hallway. Ok, what idiot approved this? And there was the nice bright hotspots I was eyeing the day before, lol. I dove in anyway as the setup was done and the light was fading fast. So it it boiled down to me blocking in and then painting what I thought the values were and then rushing with the painting into the studio onto the main easel to check the values…back and forth…back and forth………back and forth. Not having buckets of time as it is was, I called it at 39 minutes done.

In retrospect, it all seems rather silly and I would like to say a smarter me would known better and moved on but then I ain’t that person……such is life : ). So I have learned not only about what I see lacking in the finished study but hopefully, a real nice lesson about thinking and exploring more about a setup in advance. I hope.