Near Revenge of the Gourd

Bit of an interesting thing occurred as I was washing my brushes at my studio sink yesterday.I noticed a dull orangish sphere out of the corner of my eye.

It was nestled in amongst the bottles and sponges and various containers against the wall. Not really remembering putting anything there of that description I picked it up. It turned out to be the green gourd I had been painting a few weeks earlier. It had been a dark green with an orange spot then. Now, it was a dull orange with a bit of green. A reversal in color. Cool. It also felt a bit squishy. Actually, really squishy and a little liquidy when tilted. A day or three more and I would have had a real ugliness sloughing over my work area. Just missed a vegetable ambush. Woof! So instead, it will become my subject for tomorrow and then off to a timely long rest in the compost heap.