Down Under and Just Above

02.27.08 Something interesting and fun to see. About a week ago, I recieved a letter. This is the bulk of it.

I am the editor of a smallish regional newspaper on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia and we’ve discovered that footprints of a Paracyclotosaurus davidi were discovered in our area. I wanted to do a follow up story and I typed the name of the dinosaur into google and found your illustration. I have absolutely no budget to pay with, but would love to feature the illustration in our paper, credited to you, of course. The best I could offer is to give your website a free plug next to the picture.

Polite requests for public needs regardless of remuneration generally get my cooperation. I think a part of being an artist is the education of others either through the use of art or about art itself.So there I am, well my work anyway, down under and just above the local classifieds : ) My Zen currency pouch is getting fatter. Wonder what I ought to buy in the next life. Wonder if I can get a catalog now?