Society of Creative Anachronisms: One Cure for the Mundane

Being a freelance illustrator necessitates a degree of being alone for long hours that leads into days and months that can get downright nearing the pathological. Probably not true for everyone, but for me it looked like the trail I was riding.

What little social skills I had developed were fading along with my vocabulary. I was becoming a hermit in the middle of suburbia. I suspect that is probably more common than people think.

I had first seen SCA types in ’77 went I went to Texas A&M for my education. There they were, a bunch of guys in makeshift ‘hockey’ armor wailing away on each other with duct taped bamboo sticks out on the soccer field. They were friendly and open and invited me to come and join. I debated the offer but overwhelming responsibilities came first. I never forgot them and checked up on the group periodically. Fast forward twenty years. For various reasons best left unexplained, I ended up in Rhode Island far from Texas soil. At the place I was working at the time, I met a vibrant young lady named Beth. I ran into her now and again as my wife worked on many of the same company committees with her. One day, we spotted a SCA demo in a Johnston park. We pulled in to check things out and lo and behold, there was Beth. She was Elspeth, Baroness of the Barony of the Bridge. I was invited again however responsibilities and time made it not possible. Fast forward another ten years or so when situations as well as priorities have changed.

So realizing a key component was missing, I joined the the Society of Creative Anachronisms. It seemed to be a group of like minded people with interests in arcane arts and strange forms of entertainment ; ). It offered a social outlet, opportunities to learn new art-forms, skills and even how to pull a bow or swing a sword. As I was already making mead as a hobby, I already had something to talk about with others.

What I found was a great group of generous and welcoming people happy to share their hard won knowledge with others. That seems to be just their way. Since that initial time , I also come to realize that I had not actually joined a club or a social group but a community of individuals that help each other at each turn. Looks like, I finally fell into something good.

I am part of the Barony of the Bridge in the East Kingdom. More information about the Bridge can be found here: .

For more information regarding the SCA: . They are a worldwide organization so check it out for a barony near you!!

Ya ya, it took thirty years to make that decision but then again I like to think things through : )