Promise of Pochades Yet to Come

04.02.08 It is finally getting warmer, a bit unseasonably so, but who’s complaining : ), so off we go to the Pawtuxet River to capture some early morning light on water. Well, there was quite a bit fog and it was dispersing.

I had forgotten how rapidly you have to paint in the early hours to keep up and capture the rapidly fading scene before you. Relatively rough attempt completed. My outdoor skills are going to need some industrial housekeeping to get the dust, rust, and cobwebs eliminated. Sounds like fun : ) Many pochades to come.
Soon, I can get to painting regularly outside for my dailies though my fingers felt like popsicles. Onward!!
04.03.08 Out in the yard! The fresh air. A cool wind on my neck and Jack Frost chewing on my fingertips. The harbingers of spring……….hmmmm, harbingers sounds too ominous. The heralds of spring, snowdrops! We have them scattered sporadically throughout the front and back yard. So bright and cheery : )