Mucking About with Winsor Red

Study in working with red paint. Alizarin crimson, Cadmium red light and Winsor Red. Winsor Red is new to my palette. I bought a tube quite a while ago. It looked to be real close to a pure red to me. It worked well, though a bit thin in confirmation for my taste.

Nothing that a paper bag soak will not take care of. I found with the addition of Winsor red, I was able to add a mid range red to the study without muddiness. I have been using cad red light in conjunction with alizarin to get a range of reds but because of the secondary color bias of these paints there was a certain amount of graying going on so that it was not possible to get a sparkling clear red. Color induction was used to boost the apparent chroma but it could not relieve the neutralization in entirety. Winsor Red is a welcome addition and I look forward to some red paintings. Perhaps, another painting of Smaug of Hobbit fame may be in order.

04.15.08 Not wanting to do another shiny transparent subject, I cast about looking for an opaque, matte object for contrast…………….ah an old plastic electric drill….perfect!