Hazel Court, The Gothic Fox Moves On

Hazel Court, 82, has moved on. This talented lady was also a sculptress and a painter. As an actress she was well known to English and American audiences and is probably best known for her work in Roger Corman’s “The Raven” in 1963 when she shared the screen with Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre.

The Raven is a fun popcorn movie, no doubt. Also well known for her role in in Hammer Studios 1957 “Curse of Frankenstein” she worked along side with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Hammer’s films pursued sensationalism, sexuality and violence, and Hazel Court emerged as the studio’s principal female attraction. As a scream queen, she really had the shrieking banshee thing going not that the obvious low cut outfits hurt the movie either ; ).

She did bunches of other work in TV and the movies but these horror movies are the one that I remember seeing as a kid and still watch now and again as they are in my DVD collection. Her daughter said that she would get over 100 pieces of fan mail a month and she would reply to every single one. Now that is a class act.