Part 2 Duct Tape Dress Form Saga

A week later, I managed to return to finish the dress form. The cardboard form was translated into a piece of 3/16″ luan. This was taped to the bottom sealing that end. This time, I carefully stuffed the dress form keeping an eye on the dimensions. Amazingly enough, I ended up using about a third less material than on the original stuffing.

Once up at the shoulders, I noticed the form of the upper chest cavity was tending to round out and on it’s way to looking like a Victorian matron’s bustline. I placed a, 16″ length, piece of wood, end to end at the shoulders within the cavity and really stuffed a lot of the batting underneath it so it would push the wood up as it tried to expand. This worked well as it pulled the shoulders back and flattened the upper portion of the chest into what was a more natural slope. The neckline being high enough for my use was simply closed with tape.

A luan board was cut to fit the stool base. It was taped down and the finished dress form was taped to that. I used a couple of shingles between the form and the stool top to level the form. That’s about it. It looks terrific and I am already thinking of making one for corset work. I suspect, I will use this one for awhile first to find out what sort of kinks may need to be worked out on the next model.