War of the Roses

Saturday was just a beautiful day for a couple of hour drive along the Massachusetts Pike on the way to War of the Roses. The War itself was being held on top of a low mountainous region just outside of Albany at a really large event farm. There were many different fields. One held dozens colliding warriors whilst in another shafts of wood flew through the air.

Many other fields held dozens of pavilions of various shapes and sizes and of course there was the vendors run with a couple of taverns to eat at. We spent a better part of our day watching richly dressed people with long swords stab other richly dressed people. We even managed to get in on a short demonstration on the nature and practicality of dagger fighting.

Part of the reason for visiting was also to see friends and what real camping was all about. Beds and rugs in large spacious tents were the order of the day. A far cry from our previous experiences with sleeping on the ground while wrestling with terrier-sized mosquitos.

We, of course, left more money than we really wanted to in the vendors hands for safe keeping. Some delicious Turkish coffee rounded the day off and by then it was quite time to leave. The drive back was easy as was the drive up. All in all a quite lovely time. Perhaps, one day we might be camping at the Roses, ‘roughing’ it as it were out on the fields ourselves.