Kings and Queens Archery

So the day was beautiful, a bright cloudless sky and lots of gentles milling about through the shaded glades. Some 80+ of the Kingdom’s finest archers had assembled to pit themselves against each other for the glory of being the ‘chosen’.


The shooting was great fun and a fairly rigorous amount of targets to skewer were provided all based on a piratical theme with liberal doses of ideas and artistry from the silly film Yellowbeard.

All told, the two prequalifying rounds took around 4 hours. The first round had eight stations through the woods with targets ranging from1 1/2 wide slats on jail cell windows, to marauding pirates to flying parrots. The second round was held in lightly wooded meadows and consisted of some timed shoots, moving targets behind castle walls and a slot shoot. At that time, those with the sixteen highest scores were chosen to move on to the field to face the final challenges.

The king and queen were set up at the treeline along with the rest of the spectators lining the edge of the sun drenched meadow. The archers were facing into the sun as an added hurdle.

Single elimination trimmed the numbers to eight then to 4 and in the end, Owen, a young archer from Smoking Rocks took the prize. It was a long day but a good one filled with surprises, good food and friendly faces.

I will allow Mistress Avelina Keyes to report on my doings by pasting her report to the Bridge chat:


I bring you all tidings from Kings and Queens Archery Championships
this past Saturday.

Rafael de Sardinia called the Grey shot amazing!! It was his
first K&Q Archery Champs and he made it to the finals. He went in to
the top 16 in three way tie for second with Urho of the Pines and one
other gentle. Rafael was knocked out in head to head competition in
the round of 8.

After the tournament, Rafael was recognized in Court by the King and
the Queen for his achievement of the rank of Grand Master Bowman.


In service,
Mistress Avelina Keyes, OP
Baroness Lockwood
Lieutenant General at Large
Captain of Archers of Bridge

So I fared fairly well and was quite happy to play with the big boys. Later at court, I was recognized by the king for achieving the rank of grandmaster bowman and also for doing so within less than a years time. I received my gold badge and was presented with an absolutely beautiful scroll by Lady Khioniya Nikolaevna Ryseva. That’s a whole lot of glory for one day!



Top portion of scroll showing detail work.

Here’s looking forward to next year!