Finally, My Own Workbench

This picture shows a workbench I just completed over this weekend inside the Broc Sett.  It is 12 foot wide, around 30 inches deep with the top about 42 inches or so off the floor. 

I drew up rough plans where I wanted to go, bought the lumber and winged it from there. There is  storage space directly accessible underneath the top which is in three pieces. This is not a bench for pounding on but for creation and assembly of ideas. A smaller bench for beating on things will be made so as to fit underneath this one.  I can just roll it out when I need it. For me, this a landmark as this is the first dedicated space I have ever had to do larger projects. Perhaps, more importantly is that I am now one step closer to making puppets and stop-motion stuff.

It is interesting that once you have a tool or a space to work in,  ideas that would have never crossed your mind are suddenly generated in buckets simply because of the fact of ownership.