Surprise Strawberry Planting in Fall

Except for a small stint earlier in the spring when I planted some tomato plants, the garden has lain idle for the past two years. Those tomato plants suffered the wrath of a surprise spring hurricane named Hurricane Mojo.
It tore through our yard, bulldozed down the protective fencing and yanked the plants out of the ground spreading them with great abandon throughout the yard.
  With this small disaster added to finishing waterproofing the cellar and the broc sett, gardening has bypassed me once again. Except for the eventualities of mowing, weeding and such. Yea. Hooray.
A friendly SCA lady down the road was thinning her strawberry patch which she had christened ” The Urban Sprawl ” and put out the call to any who wanted her cullings. I promptly volunteered, got a bunch and had them in the ground the next morning.

  The photo is 3 days later and it looks like they may very well take. Rumors of a return of Hurricane Mojo are always about but he has yet to appear. So I might very well get to keep these plants afterall. Many thanks to Vibeke Twigsplitter. You are a peach, girl.