The Dead Matter. Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!

What an appropriate time of the year to have something come back to haunt you. Back in October 2006, I was commissioned to do a series of conceptual art for key scenes in a future movie.
It was to be called The Dead Matter and would be produced by Midnight Syndicate Films. Midnight Syndicate already produces the most wonderful instrumental CD’s to listen to and to paint by. They have spooky vampire music to paint graveyard scenes and inspiring battle music on their Dungeons & Dragons CD’s. These soundtracks are great stuff and worth giving a listen to.
 Anyway back to the movie. It is rapidly approaching release and the ‘The Dead Matter’ trailer is now online at The IMDB page is at it lists all the cast and crew as well as hosting a message board for your comments. Tom Savini and Andrew Divoff are only two of the notables playing in this film!