Ghoul Costume with Wings

Mick wanted a costume for Halloween belly-dance activities that included wings.
Wings are a sort of extended customized cape with sticks or handles that allow the performer to swirl them around as she is dancing, much like a really large veil. So I sketched up an appropriately macabre zombie voodoo ghoul cool bat chick outfit.

So off we went to our very favorite local fabric mill, Lorraine’s, and started rummaging through their cutprice materials. As usual we came home with a much more than what we sought but we did get what we needed.

There is quite a bit of material in a set of wings. Taking measurements from the ones she has in her costume wardobe, they were at around 104″x 60 ” for one wing! So the material to build these must be light because that it quite bit of weight to get floating and wheeling about.

I decided to build a single long wing across the back at 120 inches plus whatever length needed for the sticks. The fabric we had was off 60″ bolts. The tension in the back would be relieved by a split to the lower back. It was fairly simple outfit with two pieces of material: one sheer black for overall effect and one for visual texture. The ends were ragged up individually by eye and then each one had a rolled hem applied, stretching the material enough to lettuce the edging. The two pieces were attached to each other with a basting stitch with intermittent back-stitching for reinforcement.  Arrow shafts are just dowel rods so I used a couple of old defunct ones I had. They were cut, shaped, painted and ended up being just at 27 inches. These got encased within the sheer material.

All in all, it was relatively easy to make, cheap and works quite well as the pictures show. They look rather spooky and reminiscent of a death shroud in the wind. Mick has already used them at some shows this season with success and has had some offers for them but she is not quite done with them yet.