Higgins Armory Run

We just recently returned from our must do once a decade pilgrimage to Higgins Armory. This place is in Worcester, Mass. and is housed in an oddly art deco glass and steel mill like building with turrets.
Inside are vaulted ceilings and four stories of one man’s amazing fascinating collection of armor and weapons from around the world. From Etruscan helmets to lacquered samurai armor to ornate miniature wheelocks for children of royal birth, this place rocks.
     Supposedly, it is the largest collection of its kind this side of the pond. The level artistry and commitment that went into some of these works is absolutely outrageous. So were the living and working conditions is my guess.
     Anyway, a trip to this place is not wasted. You will see, feel and be transported back to when people used to bludgeon each other with large heavy iron objects for fun and profit. What a hoot! A few pics of the visit : )