TempleCon: The Temple of Steam

February 7, 2009, Providence, Rhode Island TempleCon, now having completed its fourth incarnation, is a gaming festival, a social celebration and basically a three-day party.  They got continuous gaming, live music, and this year some live performances…. cabaret style!!!  Ameena was one of several performers scheduled for the mid afternoon diversion special performance.

We arrived Saturday morning and were quickly greeted by the sight of crowds of people gaming literally everywhere from the second to fourth floors.  They were in the halls, on the stairs, in the ballrooms and in little out-of-the-way niches. I’m not sure but I thought I even heard some rustling of dice in the bathrooms. Gamers are a crazed lot.

The Biltmore Hotel (1922) is beautiful old building with much of its architecture and detailing still intact, a perfect atmosphere for the steampunk aesthetic. The live performances were excellent and went over quite well with the crowds. This convention is growing year by year and boasts some really great artwork, authors, vendors, and continuous gaming of almost any genre you could possibly think of.  I look forward to going again next year when I’m going to take a nap beforehand so I can get in on one of those two o’clock in the morning Cthulhu rampage games!