Two Belts and a Beer

Just completed two belts for costuming.

The first one is for belly dancing. The backing is a richly textured rust corduroy like material on which was laid a yellow satin.  Alternating fringe and matching trim were all hand sewn to this base and some coins were laced through the longer trim.The front section being 16 inches long and the rear section 18 inches long, they are connected by scarves of a neutral gray.  The belt is tied on at the sides.  This feature allows for easy on and off and for placing scarves at the hips.

The second belt is more of a cobbling together effort and is for steampunk outfits.  I found two four-inch belts with double buckles while rummaging through some boxes at the local Bldg 19. This is a big discount chain store in our area. The price was so ludicrous that I realized, I could take them both and make a larger waist cinch belt.  It was all relatively simple to do. Measuring at 1 inch intervals, I drilled 27 holes about a quarter inch from both edges on each belt, affixed the grommets and then laced the whole thing together with a 6 yard silken cord.  It is put together in such a way that the cord can simply be removed and replaced with a cord of a more desirable matching color dependent on the outfit color. There were also some holes in the belts already placed that had decorative stitching about them and I suspect some sort of concho’s were supposed to go in them. We rummaged up some old Victorian looking buttons and I hot glued them right into the holes making sure that the glue came up the backside and formed a plug. Voila, relatively nice looking outfit for el cheapo : )

Think, I will get that celebratory beer now.