The Bunny Hop Revue: Burlesque Bunnies for Brains

And now an important announcement!!It will be easiest to paraphrase Manuela’s “rallying the troops in a good cause letter”.

Once again I find myself organizing an event for a cause near and dear to my heart. My friend, the fabulously talented Amy Lynn Budd, has written & produced a play called “The Thing That Ate My Brain….Almost”. This play is a treatment of how she has dealt with being diagnosed with Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease and her determination to live life on her terms. I was lucky enough to catch a preview of the show last fall and it kicks butt!
So why am I writing you today?
First, I am organizing a dinner theater fundraiser on 4/4 to sponsor the play (“Brain”). Details of the fundraiser are listed a little further down. I am doing this because funding for all artistic endeavors has just about completely disappeared and the play needs some financial support….AND…if we all make even a small contribution, it can make a big difference for the production. I have been very fortunate enough to gather a group of awesome performers for this dinner theater fundraiser and would love to sell out of tickets!
Second, I highly recommend that you see this play. It will be running at Perishable Theatre from 4/24 – 5/10. Details can be found on the Perishable website ( You can even get a group discount for 6 or more people. …..Due to the size of the hall, registration is limited….once the seats sell out…that’s it!

Yet something else my wife has dragged me into : ) So, I did up a flyer for dissemination and I am even going to debut my first puppet play in which Terrance Redbone does a recital of “The Tail of the Dorset Duckling”.

Event information is all on the flyer below. Hope to see you there!!