April Culmination Blog Entry

The April Culmination Blog Entry, a nice cheap easy way to write a quick note about what happened this month and how it flew by all too fast.

     The Bunny Hop Revue was a wonderful success! Manuela’s efforts in combination with all the performers who gave of their time and skill were able to scare up $500  to benefit Amy Budd’s upcoming play, The Thing That Ate My Brain…Almost.  The revue boasted burlesque dancers, a juggler, belly dancers and, last but certainly not least, Terrance Redbone’s debut.   By all counts his performance of “The Tail of the Dorset Duckling” went over quite well.  Pictures are courtesy of Ernie; generous husband of Baseema Moirae (shown on the left, third picture down).

     Now about the play that the benefit was for:

     The world premiere of The Thing That Ate My Brain..Almost, by Amy Lynn Budd and directed by Connie Crawford opened at Perishable Theatre on April 24th and will run until May 10th:

     “In 2002, dancer Amy Lynn Budd discovered she had been invaded. By a brain tumor. In this performance about the diagnosis of and subsequent living with a chronic genetic condition, the artist combines burlesque dance, puppetry, and the genre of 1960’s sci-fi movies to affirm that creativity and curiosity are the best medicine.”

     We saw the play and it rocked!  Go see it while you can.

Perishable Theatre website

Tickets can be purchased here.

Some photos from the play can be seen at Amy’s facebook page.

     In closing….Happy Walpurgisnacht and May Day!!