Baronial Championships at 11th RI Highland Games Festival

Once again the Highland Scottish games have passed and what an event! This year amidst a backdrop of continuous bagpipes and cannon fire, the Barony of the Bridge’s finest competed to be  baronial champion of their intended class.  It was cloudy and warm and fortunately the weather decided to take a break from raining one more day as it has been raining for two weeks. The spectacle of armored fights drew large crowds and they got what they came to see.  At the end of it all, the new champions were:

Lord Dorne – Champion of Arms
Lord Radagast – Champion of Archers
Dona Natalia – Champion of Rapier
Lady Blythe – Champion of Bardic Arts
Lady Vibeke – Champion of Arts & Sciences

Congratulations to all!  This also includes Lady Áine, the marshals, and the countless selfless volunteers who helped to make sure that each little piece worked in service of the whole event.My understanding is that, it has actually been several years since the last baronial champions event, so this definitely was something special to be part of.