Ritzy Foot and Ankle Coverings: Spats

Spats! Those functionally decorative foot and ankle protectors from yesteryear. Why, even Scrooge McDuck wore a pair! They can still be seen about being used as protection in various industries and occasionally as a fashion statement.

A pair was needed for a dance routine with a ‘Putting on The Ritz’ flavor.  Construction looked pretty deceiving as usual. The weirdness came in when doing measurements of the rapidly changing topography over the lower leg, ankle and foot.  I preferred to try and make something that fit properly as opposed to just wrapping a sack about the ankle. As usual, a mock-up in linen turned the trick and after some adjustments we were ready to go. When I unzipped the mock-up, the pieces were so oddly shaped that I basted it all together again and refit to be sure. In the end, I had a three piece pattern.

The spats were made of a silvery brocade with a rose pattern. This lustrous material really is not adequately captured by the camera. Attachment was made with velcro inside while the buttons performed an ornamental touch outside. The inside layer is heavy interfacing to help keep material upright along with and elastic that the shoe is actually slipped through to keep it all in place while moving about. They looked great and worked just as well. Plans are in the works for a tall pair with a military feel to be made out duck cloth.