Necon 29: Something Different for and to Everybody

Necon 29 has come and gone! The economy apparently kept the attending numbers a bit lower however it seems to me that this actually worked in favor of the convention as things seemed a little bit closer and more personal than usual.  All in all, everything went pretty smoothly.

     The art show was actually a little busier than I would’ve expected.  The food was good and the company great.  The roasting of Von and Wes was a heavy basting with a chewing of the meat while it was still on the spit…..Ouch!  I hope those sweet people come back next year.  Not sweet because they tasted good, sweet because they are nice people!!! Lars Grant-West, the artist guest of honor, made absolutely gorgeous medals for the Olympics.  Weather was typical of late with some thunder storms at night but it left off for beautiful balmy days with cool ocean sea breezes.

      Perhaps one of the oddest events that happened and only could happen at the event called Necon was the synchronized drowning event organized by John Skipp.  This has been captured beautifully by Madelon Wilson and can be seen can be seen at this address:

Synchronized Drowning Event

     The sharing of lots of wonderful pictures made me realize that there were many Necons all going on at the same time and I am wondering which one I attended.