New Mausonian Fossil Dragon Specimen Revealed

Late last year , I was contacted by the director of the Mausonian museum if I would be interested in a position in their bone washing department but I had to defer as I was still attempting to exhaust these creative urges that wash over me. He also mentioned that they had discovered a small draconian arboreal flyer which they have named the Leaf Tailed Dragon.

It is approximately 30 inches in length, discovered  in a recently evolved volcanic rift east of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This entire area at on time was a heavily forested swamp with giant trees along with the attending giant bugs and swamp creatures. Primarily an insectivore, it likely also fed on snails and small reptiles. The wide rudder like appendage on the tail served as a dynamic in-flight foil for rapid maneuvering and if draped over the creature while resting may have provided camouflage of a sort. It certainly would have been one of the smaller denizens in this environment.

For security reasons, the exact location is being kept a secret however in their usual method of operation when dealing with a find of any significance, they have once again uprooted their operations and simply moved the base museum and its staff to the site. Apparently, they have also undiscovered evidence of a possible aquatic species and are hoping to make a real discovery in that area. Anyway, he wondered if I would be interested in doing this replica at a third scale and the result is below.

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