Introducing the Great Grimpen Mire, Devil Dog Extraordinaire

Good grief! Time is just screaming along and it is now October. In the past month, I have managed to become a grandfather, lay a new kitchen floor, install the baseboard and repaint the kitchen, bum around with Mick on her vacation, pop a rib while sword fighting with one my vastly superior mates, exhibit my amazing clumsiness by crushing my left my foot against an immovable object and just most recently bring the Great Grimpen Mire onto this plane of existence. There are of course a few dozen assundries that happened but these seem to be the memorable highlights.

Grimpen and Terrance’s will be performing a skit together at the ODDITORIUM, Friday, October 9th in Cambridge. If you in the area come by and see us! We will be doing a recital of the Duckling from Dorset, A Cautionary Whimsy.

Grimpen was once a famous literary character. There are two clues in this post. Wonder if anyone might know who he really is……