Fence Finally Finished Fabulous Flat Finials

Taking advantage of a rare beautiful weather day, I got out and finally finished the fence. This meant fashioning some gate latches with the scrap lumber I had left and then putting up some decorative trellis like pieces over the main gate. And then onto the final section of work. The finials.

Finials are necessary for the life of the post. You need to prevent water from getting into the ends of the posts for during the winter, when that water freezes, it will render the posts worthless. I had decided on flat surfaces, so we could put items on top to decorate but it took a while for me to find the perfect material. I tried a wood plank but just could not seem to find a piece that understood what straight and flat meant. Casting about, I came upon the perfect finials at a local discount lumberyard. For 12 bucks, I scored 28 pieces of slate sized 6×6 and 6×8. A bit of liquid nails and voila!! They went up as easily as I had imagined.

We already have one resident up. The next is a T-rex with plans during the winter to create and fill all the available spots with something fun overlooking the yard.