Flying Toad Found at the Mausonian

During a recent inventory in the storage rooms at the Mausonian Museum,  a new specimen has been brought to light after over a century and half of being hidden. This specimen was originally from a dig  in central Turkey circa 1853-1854.

The initial evaluation showed the fossilized skull and neck bones of a primitive batrachian specie. The rest of the specimen was believed to be intact but there was a fair amount of obscuring matrix that needed to be removed.  Cleaning began and eventually the bulk of the specimen began to reveal itself.  A weak solution of acetic acid was applied to help remove the more difficult limestone deposits encasing the smaller bones of the right wrist when a large flake cracked and lifted off. A dark staining of the stone was noted and cleaning proceeded to eventually reveal an elongated fifth metacarpal bordering the dark edge. The dark stain was in fact a wing membrane.  The world’s first specimen of a winged amphibian had been discovered!

As time goes on, more unusual creatures from the earths past are coming to light. This may be the first of a very strange group of prehistoric creatures that established paleontology is likely to have a bit of trouble categorizing.