Templecon 2010

Templecon 2010 was terrific!

This year, it was held at the Inn at the Crossroads. This site is easier to get to and had plenty of free parking. Having the convention in a large, accommodating,  luxury hotel was a real treat.

On Friday evening, I ran a Call of Cthulhu game for a 4 hour stint. Then we did some shopping with the Clockwork Bazaar merchants.  Saturday was more shopping, doing the art show, and schmoozing. In the afternoon,  Manuela ran a Yoga session and then a jewelry making workshop for the attendees.  Later that evening, we participated in the variety show. Manuela performed two dance numbers and helped me do the last, for awhile anyway, performance of the Tail of the Dorset Duckling along with Terrance and Grimpen at the controls.

A very short but very cool clip of Ameena in Godzilla drag at the variety show at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBcGft28SPU

A steampunk fashion show followed and then a costume contest after that. Then off to an invitation party for the performers which, likely as not, was the coolest party I will ever attend. We finally wrapped the evening up with an independent stop motion film of E.A. Poe’s Annabelle Lee at a midnight showing. The next day, we hung around some more, marveling at the gaming tables and all the miniatures, and then bought more books from C.J. Henderson, one of our favorite authors.

A full and rewarding weekend, indeed. The TempleCon folks wrote me a few days later to tell me people were raving about my Call of Cthulhu session and asked if I would do another in 2011. Well then, that is what I call booking in advance. We are looking forward to TempleCon 2011. Support your local convention!