Voodoo Hoodoo Dance Props

So the Mistress’ newest act is some sort of voodoo hoodoo schtick for burlesque and interpretative acts. For this, I am happy to just simply take directions so my head doesn’t get taken,  shrunk down and then used as some dusty ingredient in a vile potion.

The voodoo doll was created with three sticks out of the yard. They were wrapped into place with wire and then hot glue was slathered through the wires at each conjunction creating a wiggle free skeleton of sorts. Digging through my fabric remnant bag, I selected several scraps of materials imbued with colors and textures that called to me. Interestingly at this point, the process became very much like sketching with fabric. Wrapping the cloth this way and that, interweaving pieces, making changes but never making anything permanent until really happy with the look. Once everything was in place, the pieces were made one with large stitches of embroidery thread. The stitch across the face serves as a mouth and a binding point for two pieces of black.

Bright red silky yarn for hair, cast off buttons for eyes along with some copper wire wrapped about the wrists for bracelets brings it all together. The whole thing stands at 14 inches. This piece was created over the course of a couple of evenings from scrounged, found and dumpster raided materials. Hooray for other people’s trash!!!

Necklace by Manuela. What she used I could not say.  The walnut size wooden skull was picked up at a medieval flea market for a buck and the bone is epoxy.

The earrings were created from epoxy putty, acrylic paint and gloss medium. Manuela handled the findings portion. The crazed skulls are painted on both sides.

The coffin was one of those paper pencil cases. It was painted up with acrylics, the designs loosely based on true voodoo designs. The three dimensional embellishments was done by Manuela from what seems to be an ever growing stash of weird objects, beads and small shrunken heads of those who did not deem it important enough to listen to She Who Must Be Obeyed.