RI Higland Games 2010

This past weekend was the Rhode Island Scottish Festival and the SCA was out in full force for Clan Wars! Demos were given in weaving, sewing and dyeing. A portable forge with a hand cranked blower (very cool) was setup and the blacksmithing was on. I stood about for a while watching a knife being pounded out and fit to an antler bone handle for a dear friend, Vibeke Twigsplitter.

Archery was also going but I forgo that pleasure this year to participate fully in the fencing demo portion. It was the first time I was able to proudly able to wear my man-at -arms sash for the Sith. I did some pick up fights, melees and even managed to qualify in case of rapier style.

A hot and humid day brimming with activity and in the background cannons boomed along with the infernal noise of hundreds of bagpipes. I am once again reminded why the ancient Scots were considered such a fearsome and devastating foe to face. If you had to walk a couple of hundred miles through brambles with nothing tween you and your nethers having to listen to bagpipes all the way, I guarantee you would be in the mood for killing something at the day’s end too.

Not being much of a picture taker, I direct you to Jason Taylor’s sparkling photo album of excellent pictures covering many of the days activities. Many thanks to him for the last picture in my grouping below.