Art Theft : IP Ripped From Web

Well, I have joined a long list of artists that have been ripped off by a weasel named Jim Shipman. My apologies to the true weasels.

Jim Shipman runs an operation called Outlaw Press which heartedly lives up to its name. Apparently for years, he has been stealing IP from witers and artists alike. He has been found out and dropped from Lulu, Ebay and  many others. He is now back on Amazon, again.

A fan sent me a letter pointing out something that he found disturbing. So did I. There on Amazon was my artwork gracing one of Shipman’s  products. Terrific. No, he does not have permission and the lousy excuse of buying stolen artwork will not hold water as that piece of artwork is sitting in my stairwell. Jim Shipman is simply a thief. I really dislike thieves. Alot.

Amazon, in the past, has respected the IP rights of his victims and removed items. After five letters, the item is still listed but not available at this time. Progress.

So all you table top gamers out there, especially the Tunnel and Trolls enthusiasts, please do not patronize him. Buy from the legitimate seller which is Flying Buffalo. More extensive articles of his doings  can be found here and here.

Incidentally, I deal with this sort of nonsense about every other month. The web is a free for all……….not!!