2010 Necon Medals

If you are a Necon camper with great prowess in the athletic or mental arenas then you can look forward to winning one or more of this year’s Necon medals! It is a custom design encased in the highest grade crystal clear space age polymer known to man with a pin backing tossed on. Yep, it is a picture in beer cap. Hey, it’s Necon!

For the 30th anniversary, you might be expecting something clunky and large with a ribbon that ought to give you a great case of torticollis. I thought that perhaps a cool pin that you could wear whenever you wanted might be more the ticket.  Just think, beercap bling !!

For those of you who did not manage to win, coughPaulcough, we have created a few extra with a derivation of the winners design. Manuela has gone even a step further and created four little beauties that would make great hat pins.

Anyway, I  guess we will know on Sunday who has been keeping up with their daily sacrifices to the gods!