Necon 30 Come and Gone!

Necon 30 was great fun. Wonderful to see old friends, make some new ones and test ones personal environmental tolerances levels to the heat, the silliness and the increasing insanity as the days went along.
The talent show was pretty dern good. Manuela started the festivities with her Godzilla Geisha rendition and it wound up with an 8 member hillbilly jug band singing the South Will Rise Again. I have my doubts after that rendition but they did win the contest. YEEEEEEEEHHHHAAAAAAA boys, great work. There was bunches of stuff and way too much to go on about. I am an artist not a writer, words are not my thing so i will let you look at some pictures and post some links where you can get more than you ever wanted know. Necon 31 is coming!!!