Vacation 2010

Back from another vacation and finding it very hard to get back into the groove. These ‘work free’ blocks of time seem to come around with an almost irritating regularity. The last one being ten years ago when we trundled off to Scotland.

We have a piece of a piece of a piece of a time share and stayed up in a resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. A very pretty view looking down on Squam Lake. A bit of hiking, a fair amount of swimming, barbecuing and driving around aimlessly on country roads looking for adventurous paths comprised a fair amount of the time. That and lots of movies! Picking the week after everyone returns from summer time ensured us of beautiful weather and that the place and the environs would be nearly empty.

No crowds, no lines, no rush.

BTW: The cows are called Belted Galloways, a rare Scottish breed of beef cattle. They are not Oreo cows, dear.