October 2010 Halloween Doings

So October is my favorite month. I am getting partial to Spring but Fall with it’s warm summery days and crisp cool evenings wins hands downs every time. So between the celebration of Fall, Halloween and our anniversary on that same day, October is a month for doing things and partying. Of course, one person’s fun is another’s drag but such is life:)

So first off we went to see the New England Premiere “Jack in the Box”, a full length low budget film shot in New England by academy award winner Michael Phillips. It was shown at CCRI and hosted by The CCRI New Media Group doing a benefit for a local pantry.

The film is a horror story about six invited guests who are trapped in a room and forced to play a deadly game of musical chairs. The movie was interesting in the fact that it was almost entirely dialogue driven and lacking a musical score. The set was a room in the fourth cellar down in an old working mill. Thus it made for an unusual visual experience and certainly one in keeping for Halloween week!

A couple of days later it was off to the Steel Yard in Providence to witness the luminous spectacle of molten metal, sparks and fire in the crisp night air. This was the Iron Guild’s 5th Annual Molten Metal Monster Mayhem!

They had two small furnaces going and within a short amount of time molten iron was running from the gates and things were started to burning. A giant demon with wings was raised on a winch its wings freshly glowing metal that had just been poured. A giant rolling skull on fire and another giant welded figure swathed in rags was kerosened and torched with flung molten iron. It was all pretty anarchistic. If they had heavy metal instead of spook music playing over the loudspeakers, Providence could have been in danger : ) Definitely will be going back next year and this time with a blanket!

On Halloween morning,  an outrageous cake was given to us by our good friend, Steve Smeal in celebration of our anniversary. Thanks Steve!! And later that evening stuffed on orange icing and chocolate cake we passed the rest of October and Halloween eve watching a couple of Hammer films from the safety of our duvets. Ahh, perfection!