Cthulhu Africanus

Like so many museums, the Mausonian museum has more inventory in its basements, attics, and storage facilities than could ever be displayed properly. A fair amount is only cataloged as box numbers with annotations of date of receipt and country of origin.

Earlier this spring, the museum security patrol surprised an intruder in the basement storage area.  A number of large crates had been opened but the thief fled empty handed. The broken crates were all from a shipment from Nairobi dated 1893.  Shattered pots, masks and ancient weapons lay scattered across the floor.  The items were collected, assessed, cataloged and put back into storage. Of the many invaluable artifacts and cultural fetishes, one item stood out from the rest.

It was a statue depicting Cthulhu. The overwhelming stylization of various African cultures fixed its origin and created a mystery to the presence of this Polynesian demigod on the African continent. Obviously, a connection between cultures, unknown and unexplored. Initial assessment of the item describes a deity artifact, approximately seven inches high, four inches deep, and nearly 12 pounds in weight. Created from a lump of raw iron and wire,  it is riven by twenty two old nails. Age of the figure has not been determined though the nails are common construction items from the late eighteenth century. I found the piece to be a truly brutish vision and repellent to the touch.

It has been restored and now is on display in the Cultural Mythology wing of the Mausonian.

A one to one scale reproduction has been made of this unusual artifact and is available here or at this Etsy link.

cthulhuafricanusrust01 cthulhuafricanusrust02 cthulhuafricanusrust03 cthulhuafricanusrust04