Fetal Deep One Moldmaking and Casting

I have been posting some pictures on Facebook of what i am doing regarding some mold making for a new sculpture I am calling  a fetal deep one.  As a few of y’all are watching, i thought perhaps a bit more commentary than my usual two word titles might be nice.  You will see a scalpel handle in some of these pictures. The handle is 6.5 inches so you have a sense of scale.

I created the fetal deep one with a mix of Sculpey and Super Sculpey, a 1:2 proportion. Sculpey is a polymer clay that gets hard if cooked in an oven. This piece has been in my dedicated toaster oven 17 times  due to a lot to the fact that I handled this piece instead creating it on a standing armature.

This first picture is of the near completed piece with the arms, legs, and gills separate. I will be casting those separately. It is just easier. The fin at the base of the tail needs some clean up still.


This picture shows the right arm and legs in place, visualizing how it will look. The gills are based on the unusual British moor frog tadpoles.


This is the piece being roughed in with clay. First, i level the object up on a couple of pieces clay and then begin using chunks around it to build a platform that will allow approximately half of it or so to show. From there it is close in work to bring the clay to the edge of the object at as much of a right angle as possible. This area has to be as clean and tight as possible as this where the seam is going to be. You can see the final tail fin shape has changed substantially. This is because I changed my mind on how it was going to be displayed. This allowed the fin to unfurl.


This is finished half. The box is about two inches deep. The sprue is where the resin will be poured to make a casting. The dimples are for making alignment ‘ locks’. This ensures exact matching of the two pieces of the rubber mold as best is humanely possible. I have decided to change the type of mold I am making. It will mean  some adjustments to the work I have done. I will explain that.  Next post, I will show you some close up pictures and the next step.