NecronomiCon Art Show 2015

Yep, it was last September, maybe August….memory ain’t what it used to be. Anyway, here are some pictures I ran across while cleaning out somewhat extensive picture files. NecronomiCon was great fun. I got to participate on a panel with some cool intellectual folks and managed to get a piece into the art show. Below is that piece. It is called Cthulhu Africanus, made of cold cast iron, nails, wire, and some acrylic. This is the first one I produced and the only one that has the gold paint scheme.


On the way to the show we spotted this plate in a parking lot….very cool, indeed.



Plenty of things to do, no doubt! Here is Dark Adventure Theatre doing a rendition of The Shadow Over Innsmouth with audience participation….croak…crOAK…CROAK…


The device…




A couple of pics of the cool fabric art and the well attended opening night of the art show at the Providence Art Club.


necroart1 necroart2 necroart3


An unexpected joy at the Biltmore Hotel…



A grand con, well done and looking forward to the next!