Fetal Deep One, Museum Specimen

Mausonian Museum Announcement Alert! The Fetal Deep One museum specimen was debuted at Necon 36 this passed weekend to great acclaim! This specimen was collected in November 1931 by a French naturalist in the mangrove swamps of  Chira Isle off the western coats of Costa Rica. The specimen entered the museums catalogs several weeks later and is now permanently housed at the Cultural Mythology Wing of the Mausonian Museum.

Only three specimen replicas have been created of this rare find. The first has been housed in bell jar display and is available here at my Etsy store. This specimen replica measures approx 5” high by 4” wide x 1.5” deep. It is created with resin, painted with acrylics and sealed. Gill structures are fragile and running your fingers through them is not advised.

This is the end product of a series of blog posts detailing the casting procedures for this beastie back towards the end of last year. Yep, it takes awhile to get things together.

fetaldepone01 fetaldepone02 fetaldepone03 fetaldepone04 fetaldepone05 fetaldepone06