Dr. Who DALEK Dance Prop: You will be terminated!!

The crazed dancing woman needed a prop to go along with the Dr. Who Tardis backdrop that I created back in November.  So out comes the acrylics, a bit of foam core and after a few hours work, voila, one Dalek.

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Flying Toad Found at the Mausonian

During a recent inventory in the storage rooms at the Mausonian Museum,  a new specimen has been brought to light after over a century and half of being hidden. This specimen was originally from a dig  in central Turkey circa 1853-1854.

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2010 Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR and the best of whatever it is that you seek for yourself in 2010! Yep, I know it is a bit past the new year but Life has a way of sticking her fingers in my pudding and messing things up.

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Seasons Greetings 2009!

Two of my puppet creations, Terrance and Grimpen, who have helped me stage several plays this year have an Important Public Service Message they would like to pass on!!

Dr. Who Dance Backdrop

Somehow the dancing mistress of the house had managed to convince the painting fool living with her to paint backdrops for her. I know the idea came out my mouth but it was placed there via telepathy. No, really. The first backdrop is for a Dr. Who themed dance number and so a painting of the Tardis on an alien planet was in order. Deadline 3 weeks.

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Illuxcon2009 has come and gone. I have not been to a con in 3 years by my reckoning so this was a breath of fresh air. A chance to get the fires restoked and meet new folks.  I managed to sneak into the show as some others dropped out. Good for me, bad for them : ) .

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Two Hour Mask

OK… so my friend Lars is having a Halloween party and I was feeling a bit weird because I really didn’t want to show up sans costume so I whipped up this two hour mask. Two hours because that is how long it took and a worthwhile investment in time and energy.

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Raks Spooki Skeleton Costume

Manuela needed a costume for Raks Spooki, New England’s largest and longest running gothic belly dance festival, featuring dancers from the homelands of HP Lovecraft, Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe.

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I Am Quite Popular On Some Street Corners

Well in New Zealand anyway!

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Halloween Festivities 2009

Happy Halloween! I hope y’all had the best of the best day of the year. Festivities for us actually started the night before when we  went to see  F.W.  Murnau’s  1922 classic, Nosferatu, accompanied by a musical arrangement by the Devil’s Music Ensemble.

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