The Bunny Hop Revue: Burlesque Bunnies for Brains

And now an important announcement!!It will be easiest to paraphrase Manuela’s “rallying the troops in a good cause letter”.

Once again I find myself organizing an event for a cause near and dear to my heart. My friend, the fabulously talented Amy Lynn Budd, has written & produced a play called “The Thing That Ate My Brain….Almost”.

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Geisha Godzilla

The dance freak in my house has been keeping rat maze crazy the last few weeks with costume work. The newest effort turned out for a burlesque gig was what we call Geisha Godzilla.

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Louisiana Flower Becomes New Pack Member

Chance passed away about a month and a half ago and his presence and the life he imparted to the house has been sorely missed. As this is a two dog house, a space was open for a new member. That new member, Daisy, arrived last weekend.

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Two Belts and a Beer

Just completed two belts for costuming.

The first one is for belly dancing. The backing is a richly textured rust corduroy like material on which was laid a yellow satin.  Alternating fringe and matching trim were all hand sewn to this base and some coins were laced through the longer trim.

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Lips, Arms, Eyes and Voila…Meet Terrance!

Today is the last entry, hooray! So the lips first. After determining how long the lip line was, I cut some fleece into the shape of a flattened oval. It was then rolled up and a quick stitch applied to hold the general shape.

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Older than Dirt and Kid Zombie Vid

Interesting news from the spawn front. I am now officially older than dirt as my eldest son, Matthew,  and his lovely wife are going to be three instead of two. Grandpa? Ouch!!

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Adventures in Puppet-Making 101: Skinning Snags and Hair Pieces

Time to skin the puppet! Sounds nasty but we are not taking it off, we are putting it on! I am using a piece of anti-pill fleece with a rather bright green color with some mottling.

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