2009 RI SPCA Bellydance Benefit

So this past past Saturday, we bundled up against the cold, grabbed our things, supplies, jewelry and costumes and trundled ourselves down to West Greenwich, RI.  We arrived early at the Elk’s Hall so we could do the setup for the 2009 RISPCA Benefit Bellydance Show that was being orchestrated by Ameena. 

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Adventures in Puppet Making 101: The Mouth

Caution: Hot glue is hot!  You can’t escape finger burns. They are part of the process.  However burning can be minimized by having a cup of water handy.

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Adventures in Puppet Making 101: Intro

Welcome to Adventures in Puppet-Making 101!! This series of entries is based on notes I took during the process of creating my first industrial strength puppet.

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Best of What the Season Has to Offer To You and Yours!

Happy Winter Solstice 2008

Welcome to winter and the first day was a doozy.  Old Man Winter must have been waiting in the wings, well rested and waiting for his cue.

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Ms. Betty Page Moves On

Another cultural icon has moved on. Actually, I should say the lady that created the persona that we all know as that notorious pinup queen the 1950’s has passed on. 

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35th Bridge Birthday: A Kitchen Perspective

The 35th Bridge Birthday has come and gone and it was a success. But then again, I can’t say as I know personally. I wasn’t out on the floor with the people drinking, dancing, and generally having a good time enjoying the evening.

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