What’s Opera, Doc?

Proto Elmer Fudd costume for upcoming dance act starring Fudd and the inimical Bugs.

Oooooh Brunhilda, you’re so lovely….

Yes I know it I can’t help it…

Go ahead and tell me you can’t hear that in your head : )))


Spring Harbingers…Finally….

spring2015 spriong2015a

Templecon 2015

So another  fabulous Templecon has come and gone. This year, we decided to vend our wares. In addition Manuela ran The Imperium, which was the friday night variety show and performed in it to boot. I ran my usual Saturday afternoon Call of Cthulhu game. The players somehow managed to banish Nyarlohtep after managing a few zombies zombies and gangsters. Thus they survived. I must be losing my touch but the dice never lie : )



Masks, bugs, comics and dragon fossils…how can you go wrong?




My reluctant and shy spouse. With her hiding out, making change got to be a real chore after a while. Why she would periodically grab some passerby’s leg, I am not sure. But the resulting jumping and hollering made for great entertainment and lightened the long show hours.

My Own Mountains of Madness

Along with the rest of northeast United States, I am now officially sick of winter. So all I have to say is Die, Frosty. Die! The walls of snow lining my driveway are six foot and five foot on the street. Crazy stuff.



I took some of the icicles hanging from the house and began putting them in the snow….hey, I’ve got cabin fever already….seemed like the thing to do at the time.



This is Saint Edwardo, Herder of the Sacred Snowblower coming over to save our backs once again. Thanks Ed!  and many blessings : ))) You are looking at 32 inches. A common site for 2014-2015 winter. So where is the global warming already?


Krampus Mask for the Seasonal Kicks

My primary client required a new mask for upcoming performances and requested a krampus mask. This gave me a splendid opportunity to extend my paper laminating skills in a more organic direction. The piece is composed of paper laminate with an acrylic paint job and some el cheapo costume jewelry. Inside are strategic patches of  felt along the cheeks and brow ridges. Attachment via elastic 3/8″ strap.

krampus01 krampus02 krampus03

Anatomical View of My Dog

I have had my doubts for a long time but now there is indisputable scientific evidence that my dog is actually a tongue!


Happy 2013 Holidays!


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