Baltimore Comic Convention 2013 Session

We came, we saw, we plundered. Eight hundred miles and sixty five dollars in tolls later, we have returned safely. Baltimore Comic Con 2013 is now done. So many lessons learned. And so many people talked to and some new readers of Tails of the Porkus acquired. The convention was huge, simply huge. Anything pertaining to comics could be bought. I saw original art pages from comics printed in 1902, the newest toys and any possible thing pertaining to comics that could be bought was there. It was the best con I have been to in quite a while. Fortune will decide whether or not we can return to the port of Baltimore for a return engagement. That would be nice.

The redoubtable navigator, adventurer and powder monkey of The Crimson Cur.

One small benefit of being a vendor is being in the show and looking about before the hordes.

Apparently a relatively rare edition huge Godzilla in lava orange!



Hulk! What else is there to say?

Definitely the coolest back patch I have ever seen.

Toss up of which of these two costumes is the best I saw…..Wesley v.s. The Captain.

A small bit of Baltimore harbor where Sunday supper was held.

On the return, a self portrait courtesy of passing trucker.

Hallelujah! The Pig Who Would Be King is Finished!

Yep, the third installment of Tails of the Porkus is finished. The Pig Who Would Be King, A Tail of Medieval Hogwash is up on Amazon and available: )) for your enjoyment. Click the link.


Garden 2103

First garden in a few years. Things always seem to be getting on top of other things. This year I decided to plant in containers just so I could get in something…anything!




NecronomiCon 2013 Art Show

Last night we attended the reception for the NecronomiCon 2013 convention art show at the Dodge House at the Providence Art Club. A delightfully cool evening, the doors were open and the crowd was thick. The art work displayed was really great. We met some old friends and made some new ones. A very fine showing and a swell time. A big thank you and a well done  to the Necronomicon folks for their efforts.


A closer look at the piece I had on display.


And Cthulhu himself! This is the actual stop motion puppet from HPLHS Call of Cthulhu movie that came out a few years ago. Quite a surprise and a pleasure to look that over.



If you have a chance to get down to the Providence Art Club this weekend, it would be worth your while.

NecronomiCon Poster 2013

Folks over at Necronomicon 2013 committee, a Providence based convention happening this summer, engaged me to do a poster for them. Lovecraft stuff in a poster format, not much to not like there : )



The Pig Who Would Be King Pages Completed!

The last page of The Pig Who Would Be King is finally finished. It took some doing as things seem to be kicking up around here in terms of comics and puppets : ) The issue itself will be done in a couple of weeks. Hooray!!


Flying Pig Royal Crest

The Pig Who Would Be King is 99.9% complete. This is the royal crest device for the back cover of the book.


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