Title Page Pencil Work for The Pig Who Would Be King

The bulk of the pencils are done for The Pig Who Would Be King. This is the third issue in the series of Tails of the Porkus. Inking will commence shortly. Below is the preliminary drawing for the title page. Enjoy!

Two New Quilts

Two more quilts and I am still trying to make a scratch on the surface of the knowledge base of this skill. The amount to know is overwhelming at this point. The smaller brighter one is for the grand daughter and measures 41 x 48 inches. The longer one is a wall hanging for the house to add a bit of color and is 28 x 61 inches.


Quilt 02

Second quilt.  It is the basic rail fence design like the first. Two of the rail colors were matched to be fairly close in color and value to each other and in contrast with the third color. So the pattern is the same but visually it reads differently.

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Crimson Cur’s Facebook Page, So Go Ahead and LIke Us!

As some of you may or may not know, I also now run CrimsonCur.com, a website for my comics work.  We have recently put up a Facebook page! So please take a moment and like us!  When We reach 100 likes we are going to have a contest for an ink drawing created especially for the occasion. So click the snout of the Crimson Cur pictured below and do a good turn for silly literature in general.


My first quilt. I took a course, locally, at RYCO Trim to learn the basics. The people down there are friendly, knowledgeable and the atmosphere is very conducive to learning. With quilts variations of color and texture mixed with design are endless.

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Well Hallelujah and Cowabunga!
Shortkut, A Tail of the Porkus is officially out on Amazon! The address for my e-store is https://www.createspace.com/3876387. Those who can give me a favorable review on Amazon and their address will be rewarded with an ink drawing of the Porkus Aerealis itself!

Tales of the Porkus Issue #1 Cover

So after so many steps backwards, Tales of the Porkus Issue One is finally at the last stage before I can finally let it go to fly under it’s own power in the big. bad world. Perhaps a couple of weeks at the outside to be complete.

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