Crimson Cur Press Site Coming Soon!

Having pretty much finished with the bones of this site, I am prepping to put up another. The name will be It will feature the comics work that I have been up to lately. There you will be able to see glimpses of what I am currently working on and more stuff about Tales of the Porkus, my recently finished graphic novel. The flag of the Crimson Cur!


Interview with Innsmouth Free Press

A nice Canadian lady, named Silvia, wrote me asking if I would be interested in doing an interview for the Innsmouth Free Press. The Innsmouth Free Press is a Canadian micro-publisher dedicated to horror and dark fiction and being a loyal resident and voting member of the town, how could I refuse?

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Shadow Puppet Jingle Belles Opening

The folks over at Perishable Theatre asked if I would be interested in doing a small shadow puppet opening for their Jingle Belles and A Few Balls Show this year. Right, like I would say no!

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October 2010 Halloween Doings

So October is my favorite month. I am getting partial to Spring but Fall with it’s warm summery days and crisp cool evenings wins hands downs every time. So between the celebration of Fall, Halloween and our anniversary on that same day, October is a month for doing things and partying. Of course, one person’s fun is another’s drag but such is life:)

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A Day at Mystic Marine

We went to see the 31st Annual International Marine Art Exhibition in Mystic, Connecticut. This little advertised venue boasts major marine painters and sculptors from around the globe.

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Vacation 2010

Back from another vacation and finding it very hard to get back into the groove. These ‘work free’ blocks of time seem to come around with an almost irritating regularity. The last one being ten years ago when we trundled off to Scotland.

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Dispatches from the Troubled City

John Struan, the fellow who runs the Super Punch Blog invited me to be part of a online art show featuring art inspired by the books of China Mieville.

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