What’s Opera, Doc?

Proto Elmer Fudd costume for upcoming dance act starring Fudd and the inimical Bugs.

Oooooh Brunhilda, you’re so lovely….

Yes I know it I can’t help it…

Go ahead and tell me you can’t hear that in your head : )))


Halloween Plague Mask

Made a plague mask this year for Halloween. Constructed out of paper and glue, approximately four layers. Painted up to look like rusted metal with rivets and such and with a hand sewn sparkly black hood to finish it. Inside, felt was placed at all pressure points and a velcro strapping system to insure good fit with minimum fuss. Worked out fairly well, design wise and application.



Alien Stuffie Props

A couple of rhinestone embellished props designed and executed for Baroness Blitzzen von Schtupp to be used in a silly alien based act. The featured song is that tried and true favorite, “I’ve got you under my skin.” I had forgotten just how phallic Giger’s work is until I started mucking about with these but then again they do fit the use. One facehugger and one chest burster boa.

alienhugger alienstuff

Two New Quilts

Two more quilts and I am still trying to make a scratch on the surface of the knowledge base of this skill. The amount to know is overwhelming at this point. The smaller brighter one is for the grand daughter and measures 41 x 48 inches. The longer one is a wall hanging for the house to add a bit of color and is 28 x 61 inches.


Quilt 02

Second quilt.  It is the basic rail fence design like the first. Two of the rail colors were matched to be fairly close in color and value to each other and in contrast with the third color. So the pattern is the same but visually it reads differently.

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My first quilt. I took a course, locally, at RYCO Trim to learn the basics. The people down there are friendly, knowledgeable and the atmosphere is very conducive to learning. With quilts variations of color and texture mixed with design are endless.

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Two Hour Mask

OK… so my friend Lars is having a Halloween party and I was feeling a bit weird because I really didn’t want to show up sans costume so I whipped up this two hour mask. Two hours because that is how long it took and a worthwhile investment in time and energy.

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Raks Spooki Skeleton Costume

Manuela needed a costume for Raks Spooki, New England’s largest and longest running gothic belly dance festival, featuring dancers from the homelands of HP Lovecraft, Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe.

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Ritzy Foot and Ankle Coverings: Spats

Spats! Those functionally decorative foot and ankle protectors from yesteryear. Why, even Scrooge McDuck wore a pair! They can still be seen about being used as protection in various industries and occasionally as a fashion statement.

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Geisha Godzilla

The dance freak in my house has been keeping rat maze crazy the last few weeks with costume work. The newest effort turned out for a burlesque gig was what we call Geisha Godzilla.

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