Two Belts and a Beer

Just completed two belts for costuming.

The first one is for belly dancing. The backing is a richly textured rust corduroy like material on which was laid a yellow satin.  Alternating fringe and matching trim were all hand sewn to this base and some coins were laced through the longer trim.

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SteamPunk Bustle for TempleCon

Manuela has been invited to dance at a local convention called TempleCon and the motif is steampunk.  She asked me to create a bustle for the outfit she had in mind.

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Black Widow Burlesque

This costume was concepted back in early summer and pretty much completed in a leisurely couple of months because it was slated to be used for a Halloween burlesque gig.

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Ghoul Costume with Wings

Mick wanted a costume for Halloween belly-dance activities that included wings.

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Part 2 Duct Tape Dress Form Saga

A week later, I managed to return to finish the dress form. The cardboard form was translated into a piece of 3/16″ luan. This was taped to the bottom sealing that end. This time, I carefully stuffed the dress form keeping an eye on the dimensions. Amazingly enough, I ended up using about a third less material than on the original stuffing.

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Part 1 Duct Tape Dress Form Saga

Today we made a duct tape sewing dressform and it came out pretty good. Three rolls of 60 foot duct tape, a cheap t-shirt and a little time got it done. I initially heard about this from a group of SCA friends and was intrigued. I certainly would love to have a dress form of my wife that emulates her unique shape. That and that it costs a lot less than a generic fall apart model cinched the idea. A little research on the web showed that it not an unknown concept and so after some reading and planning, off we went.

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