Merry Christmas 2015


Samhain 2015 Dance Salmangandi Flyer

Once again it is time for the Danse Salmagundi Samhain Spectacular 4! Information as below. Hope to see you there…



2015 Porch Correction and Cosmic Protection

The brute winter that just passed set its foot down on my porch and crushed it. I had plans to tune up the mortar work and such but it now went beyond a bit of chinking and plugging with mortar. We were required to tear up the entire surface as the mortar had vaporized into sand. Without boring you on materials and procedures, three days later we ended up with a bit nicer surface. It looks and feels solid but we will have to wait a few years to see how it all holds up. Inscribed cosmic protection finished the job.



Chinking out all mortar on first step produced this…yikes! There goes my Friday.



Spring Harbingers…Finally….

spring2015 spriong2015a

My Own Mountains of Madness

Along with the rest of northeast United States, I am now officially sick of winter. So all I have to say is Die, Frosty. Die! The walls of snow lining my driveway are six foot and five foot on the street. Crazy stuff.



I took some of the icicles hanging from the house and began putting them in the snow….hey, I’ve got cabin fever already….seemed like the thing to do at the time.



This is Saint Edwardo, Herder of the Sacred Snowblower coming over to save our backs once again. Thanks Ed!  and many blessings : ))) You are looking at 32 inches. A common site for 2014-2015 winter. So where is the global warming already?


Anatomical View of My Dog

I have had my doubts for a long time but now there is indisputable scientific evidence that my dog is actually a tongue!


Happy 2013 Holidays!


Last Fruit of the Season

Last fruit of 2013 pulled ten days ago now ripening on the sill.


Protective Measures and Some New Wheels

I am in the process of building a small contained garden area which has a wooden retaining wall. While sinking the upright posts near the foundation of the porch I noticed that brickwork could use some work and shoring up. So I put up a form, whooped up on a few bags of cement and poured what to amounted to being 12 x 18 x 24 cornerstone. Nice and strong now. I also took advantage while it was in a carvable state to place a sign of cosmic protection into the surface. The other new thing is that I got myself a small treat. Once every sixteen years whether I need it or not.



Garden 2103

First garden in a few years. Things always seem to be getting on top of other things. This year I decided to plant in containers just so I could get in something…anything!




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