Merry Christmas Card 2012!

Merry Christmas Y’all!



The End of The Fence Saga

Never believe any fence company that tells you cedar doesn’t rot. It is an outright lie. These posts are 6 years old. Two of these snapped right off in my hands. I figure this fence would have dropped within the next two winters. What a mess it would have been to deal with then. Live and learn as the saying goes.

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Vacation 2012

We just returned from vacation, a week in New Hampshire. We devoured fresh made farm pies while reading 3 books per day with Hammer horror movies playing in the background. Full time decompression at its best.

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October 2010 Halloween Doings

So October is my favorite month. I am getting partial to Spring but Fall with it’s warm summery days and crisp cool evenings wins hands downs every time. So between the celebration of Fall, Halloween and our anniversary on that same day, October is a month for doing things and partying. Of course, one person’s fun is another’s drag but such is life:)

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A Day at Mystic Marine

We went to see the 31st Annual International Marine Art Exhibition in Mystic, Connecticut. This little advertised venue boasts major marine painters and sculptors from around the globe.

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Vacation 2010

Back from another vacation and finding it very hard to get back into the groove. These ‘work free’ blocks of time seem to come around with an almost irritating regularity. The last one being ten years ago when we trundled off to Scotland.

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Necon 30 Come and Gone!

Necon 30 was great fun. Wonderful to see old friends, make some new ones and test ones personal environmental tolerances levels to the heat, the silliness and the increasing insanity as the days went along.

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RI Higland Games 2010

This past weekend was the Rhode Island Scottish Festival and the SCA was out in full force for Clan Wars! Demos were given in weaving, sewing and dyeing.

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Templecon 2010

Templecon 2010 was terrific!

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Seasons Greetings 2009!

Two of my puppet creations, Terrance and Grimpen, who have helped me stage several plays this year have an Important Public Service Message they would like to pass on!!

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